Growing Your Profits Upward

We help small business owners sell more by putting their brand online so that they can serve more customers, connect better with existing customers, and stop spending tons of time on marketing.

Co-Owner: Kelly Hale

About Kelly

Kelly first became interested in building websites while she was in college. Her dad wanted a website to market his purebred cattle herd, so she began a lifelong learning journey. Her first website was created on a free hosting service and was based entirely on hard coded text and images. It was flashy and worked very well on PCs!

Since those humble beginnings, Kelly has put 20 years of real-world website production experience to work at Upward Designs. She has a background in marketing, insurance and accounting, which gives her a good understanding of the needs of many different industries.

Co-Owner: Mike Hale

About Mike

Mike grew up in the big city, until he met a country girl who brought him back to the sticks. He is a career salesman – selling cable door to door, retail electronics, and other sales opportunities that came his way. He has always believed that to really be able to help clients, he absolutely must be selling a product or service that would change their lives for the positive.

They are proud parents of three beautiful daughters who keep them on their toes. They live in a small rural town with family and friends nearby, and Mike hopes to someday remember all the names of Kelly’s extended family (hint: the tree has many, many branches!). They enjoy short family vacation stints back in the city.

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