“I’ve got a lot of energy left in me!” – direct quote from our 5-year-old.

Remember when your biggest worry was how to cook those mud pies, quit playing because it was dinner time, or take a short break from your stick horse because you were out of breath from running around?

Spending time with our preschool-age daughter reminds me of the joy in simplicity. The happiness in hide and seek. The love of chasing your siblings!

Earlier this week, we spoke to a client who was trying to understand a very complex marketing/CRM software.

The client had above average tech skills, so I was surprised that this software had taken them for a loop.

Our first call was a quick tutorial through the software package. After about 15 minutes of explanation, the clients said “that’s it?”

Focusing on the individual features one at a time, with simple examples really made the difference in helping them see how this package would generate significant revenue for them.

Sometimes we can lead ourselves on a mental goose chase, when all that energy “left in us” could be better spent on optimizing the simple tools we have.

P.S. Let me know if you are searching for mud pies – we’ll make a deal!

Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash