Thursday, May 26th
6:00 PM CST | 3:00 PM PST
The workshop is over, but the replay is still available!
Right now, your debt and finances are probably stuck on 1 of these 2 problems :
1. You want to pay off $50,000 of debt really fast...but you have no idea how.
You know that you desperately want to pay down your consumer debt, but it keeps growing instead… so how do you pay it down when it is growing?

How do you get more money coming in than going out?

Most importantly, how do you use your faith as the primary driver to get yourself out of this financial black hole?


2. You are stuck in fear and anxiety about your finances, and it is incredibly difficult to even think about paying off debt, because you are just trying to keep AFLOAT right now.
You have made some progress recently, but then the bottom drops out somewhere else.

And that can take a toll on your confidence, making you wonder:

“Am I going to be trying to make ends meet for the rest of my life?”

“Why even try, when I keep taking one step forward and two steps back?”

“Will my mind ever stop worrying about how we are going to pay all this off?”

“Are my kids or even grandkids going to be supporting me because I can’t manage my own finances?”

Helping awesome Christians like you has been on my heart, and I’m focused in on helping Christian families pay down $500,000 of debt in the next 90 days.
Here's the deal:
I am hosting a BRAND-NEW, ONE-TIME-ONLY LIVE training on Thursday, May 26th.

On that training, I will personally take you by the hand and WALK YOU through the process of using our “Secret Sauce” Faith Forgiveness tool, to get you the knowledge you need to pay off $50,000 of debt or more in 6 months or less.

Inside this in-depth 3-hour plus training:

I’ll dish out EVERYTHING you need to know to start WINNING and create HUGE debt payoff momentum, including :

•    How to turn the faith that you already have into a POWERHOUSE support system for paying off your debt really fast…

•    The BEST way to address all your past emotional baggage that you are still carrying around, and why it is still hurting your faith, but more importantly hurting your ability to payoff your debt and make a bigger impact on God’s world.

•    My Fill-In-The-Blank template for creating permanent forgiveness in your life, no matter how much shame, bitterness or anxiety comes up when you think about the tough events that occurred earlier in your life.

Kelly Hale
Kelly is a lifelong Christian who created wealth with the Lord's guidance.

She believes she is called to help Christian believers cast off their limitations and grow their faith to unshakeable levels!

The co-founder of Upward Designs LLC, she is a beloved wife, a proud mom to 3 daughters, and blessed to change lives every day from her rural home in Nebraska.

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